Terms and Conditions


Burn 1000 Bootcamp is a moderate-high intensity exercise program. While the program delivers great results through high heart rate, lungs working to capacity and downright hard work, this means that you need to have a decent level of fitness before starting a Burn 1000 program. It is advised that before beginning any exercise program you consult with a doctor or physician. Before beginning your first Burn 1000 session, you will be asked to complete a Pre-Exercise Questionnaire, which outlines any relevant medical history, exercise history, and outlines your rights and responsibilities before taking part in a session. You understand and accept that Burn 1000 is a group exercise program, meaning that there is multiple participants and usually only 1 coach in each class.  This means that the coach is not able to watch every movement you perform at all times, and you understand and accept any risk that this may cause.  You accept all liability and do not hold Burn 1000 or any of it’s employees / representatives responsible for any injuries / losses that happen as a result of the program.