Create the chiselled body of a Spartan warrior using a combination of weights, kettlebells, deadballs, battle ropes and more.

Exercises include squats and deadlifts, deadball carries and throws, and all sorts of presses and rows.

Increase your metabolism by creating lean muscle and improve full body strength and conditioning.

Calorie Guide: Men – 700-1000   /
Women – 500-750

A primarily bodyweight-based class, focusing on improving your strength and conditioning using minimal weights.

Exercises include squats and lunges, push ups and body rows, agility work and a lot of core training.

Improve your flexibility and joint mobility, muscular endurance and focus your energy on movement technique and core activation.

Calorie Guide: Men – 600-900  /
Women – 450-650

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with sprinting intervals, hill training and lung-busting cardio efforts.

Improve your running technique and speed, dramatically increase lung capacity and your overall cardio fitness.

The ultimate fat burning class, low impact on muscles and great training for legs, butt and core.

Calorie Guide: Men – 700-1100  /
Women – 550-800

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee in our boxing class!

Learn combos, improve footwork and have a great fat burning workout all at once.

Train your cardio and stamina levels, improve core strength and tightness.

Calorie Guide: Men – 600-900  /
Women – 450-700