Our memberships are a fixed price of $59 per week, billed once every 2 weeks.  This doesn’t change no matter how many classes you attend.  In fact, we encourage you to attend as often as possible!

Do you have a question about your training or nutrition?  Ask one of our coaches who will be happy to help you.  We also have a Facebook group dedicated to such topics, where you can ask questions and help others out also.  This is all no extra charge to the $59 per week

We keep our members because they’re happy training with us, not because they’re locked into something they regret!  You can pause or cancel your membership at any time, with no cost to do so.  Just send us an email, and it’ll be taken care of.  Even if something comes up last minute and you’re a day after the direct debit, we can simply pause your next payment so it evens out

Every member is given a Myzone MZ3 heart rate monitor free of charge when they join, valued at $149.  This allows you to track all of your workouts, compare and compete with others in the group, and guage your progress over time.  We invest in you, because we have found that members that are keeping accountable stay training for longer and achieve better results

Do you live in Kirribilli and work in Nth Sydney?  Or plan to wake up for the morning class in Milsons Point but sleep through the alarm?  Our membership gives you unlimited access to every class on the schedule.  Thats 5 mornings a week in MP, 5 lunches at Nth Sydney, 4 evenings at Milsons Point plus the 90min mega class on Saturday morning.  All access, all tracked, all for no additional cost