Burn 1000 Bootcamp Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How much does a membership cost? $49 (Milsons Point) / $40 (Nth Sydney/ Pyrmont), billed once every 2wks
  2. Can I pay cash? For a once off session yes, but memberships are all direct debit
  3. How do I pause or cancel my membership? By sending an email to tim@burn1000.com.au
  4. Can i pause my membership in arrears? No, all pauses must be requested prior to the pause period
  5. Do you offer any discounts for less frequent attendance? No, our memberships are designed to encourage more attendance

The Classes

  1. Do I need to be really fit to join? Absolutely not, we have people who have never exercised before come and join us.  All that we ask is that you put in a consistent effort to improve
  2. Is it ok if i have injuries prior to joining? Yes, but definitely mention them to your coach before starting, so they can think of workarounds
  3. How many people are in a class usually? The average class size is approx 6-10
  4. Am I able to bring a friend along? Absolutely, just speak to the coach first and have your friend complete a pre-exercise questionnaire
  5. How quickly will i start seeing results from bootcamp?  Immediately!  Every class you do you will be better than the previous
  6. I’m training for an event, will Burn 1000 work for me? Yes, depending on the event of course!  But if you mention your event to your coach, they can provide nurition guidance and suggest weights to use in class
  7. I am pregnant, can i still participate? This is a very subjective topic, as it depends on your prior exercise history, stage of pregnancy, and any injuries you may have.  Please contact us to speak further.
  8. Will this program help me lose weight? Absolutely!  We’re tracking the calories you burn, we’re helping you monitor the calories you put in.  This is weight loss 101!
  9. How does the system calculate my calories? Based on your heart rate, height, age and weight
  10. Is it necessary for bootcamp? No you aren’t obligated to wear it, but 90% of our members do, and the ones that do get the best results