Burn 1000 Bootcamp has 4 different clases, each available at a regular slot every week, and you have unlimited access to all of them:

  • Spartan: A strength & conditioning class using weights, deadballs, kettlebells, battleropes and more
  • Sweat: A bodyweight session focusing on endurance, flexibility and high heart rate
  • Speed: A lung busting, high calorie, non weight bearing workout designed to burn calories for hours after the session has completed
  • Boxing: Just what it sounds like.  All boxing, focusing on technique foremost, and delivering a real calorie PUNCH
There’s nothing worse than performaing a workout and wondering if it did you any good.  Burn 1000 bootcamp uses revolutionary technology to make sure that never happens again.  Every one of our members is given a bluetooth heart rate monitor on joining, which tracks every workout, their effort and calories burned.  You can compare your workouts with others in class, and view them on the complimentary app on your phone

It keeps you accountable, it also keeps us accountable and ensures we always provide top notch training sessions.  Otherwise you’ll know!

People stay with Burn 1000 because they love training with us, not because they’re locked into a contract they can’t leave!  We have very flexibile terms, no lock ins at all; pause / cancel at any time.

Our memberships are for unlimited access as well.  You can attend as many classes as you like (we encourage the more the better!)

In brief, our schedule is:
Mon-Fri 6am/7am @ Milsons Point
Mon-Fri 12.30pm @ North Sydney
Mon-Thurs 6pm @ Milsons Point
Saturday 8am @ Milsons Point 

If our program works for you then great!  If not, no hard feelings 🙂

Nothing is more important than results though right?  With a program based around strength, conditioning, HIIT and boxing, backed with macro and nutrition coaching online and a heart rate monitoring system ensuring all your workouts are counted and tracked, the only thing holding you back from achieving great results is you waiting

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