Are you looking to organise private group training for your staff?  Then you’ve come to the right place!  We run fitness sessions tailored to your staff; you can choose from our Spartan / Boxing / HIIT / Ninja classes listed on the Workouts page, or we can create something specifically for you

Our trainers have years of experience, and have worked with people of all fitness levels

We provide nutrition information to back up the training, and all your staff also receive a 20% on our public bootcamp programs should they wish to do even more training

As well as the physical exercise classes in the park, we back this with informative seminars for your staff.  Information is power, and the more they know about their health and fitness, the better their results will be – both on the training paddock and in the workplace.

We run 30-60min seminars, either in the office or outdoors, on topics such as general nutrition, increasing metabolism, improving posture and core strength, and general fitness 101

Another option available to you is to provide a corporate discount for your staff to our public classes.  Staff members can save up to 25% on their weekly membership dues by applying your corporate discount.

Send us an email to enquire whether your company qualifies, and how we can set up a new program for your staff

We can also help you subsidise part of the membership dues to our public classes.  Simply let us know what percentage of the cost you’d like to cover, and we’ll send you an invoice at the end of each month

Our private corporate sessions are a fixed price of $160 per session (plus GST), billed monthly.  This doesn’t change if we get a large number of people to the class, in fact we encourage it!  You’ll know exactly what your budget is every week.

Do your staff have a question about their training or nutrition?  Our coaches are happy to help at all times.  We also have a Facebook group dedicated to such topics, where you can ask questions and help others out also.  This is all no extra charge to the $160 per session