Burn 1000 uses equipment not seen in other bootcamps to provide you with one of the best outdoor training experiences you will ever have.  We use weights, kettlebells, deadballs, battleropes, TRX, sleds, YOU NAME IT!

We also have bodyweight classes, HIIT classes and boxing, to ensure that you never do the same workout twice!

There’s nothing worse than performaing a workout and wondering if it did you any good.  Burn 1000 bootcamp uses revolutionary technology to make sure that never happens again.  Every one of our members is given a bluetooth heart rate monitor on joining, which tracks every workout, their effort and calories burned.  You can compare your workouts with others in class, and view them on the complimentary app on your phone

It keeps you accountable, it also keeps us accountable and ensures we always provide top notch training sessions.  Otherwise you’ll know!

You don’t really join a bootcamp in the first place if you’re not a fan of socialising.  Not only is everyone in the class there to work hard and push themselves further, but we are all great friends and have regular social outings.

The heart rate monitor technology has a somewhat competitive hold over some people, and we push ourselves and other class mates to further heights.  Not sure whether you can lift that weight?  Someone will be there to spot you.  Not sure about your nutrition diary today?  Someone in the group will help you

People stay with Burn 1000 because they love training with us, not because they’re locked into a contract they can’t leave!  We have very flexibile terms, no lock ins at all; pause / cancel at any time.

Our memberships are for unlimited access as well.  You can attend as many classes as you like (we encourage the more the better!) at any of our 2 locations or timeslots.

We have a free trial option for you to check things out.  If our program works for you then great!  If not, no hard feelings