The term “bootcamp” often invokes images of an aggressive trainer acting as an army drill sergeant, hurling abuse at participants while they do endless push-ups in the mud. Burn 1000 is different. While we create a high intensity workout, there is much more to it.

Who is Burn 1000 for?

Burn 1000 is the brainchild of Personal Trainer, Tim Langridge who noticed there were 3 typical groups of people who attended bootcamps:

  1. Those who didn’t want to do any work, but wanted fitness bragging rights
  2. People who wanted to work out and get results, but struggled to push and didn’t achieve the results they wanted
  3. The dedicated “workout junkies” who smash every workout and achieve great fat loss and muscle tone results

Burn 1000 Bootcamp is targeted at groups 2 and 3. We take care of the workout junkies and give them the ultimate fat burning challenge while lifting the intensity for those in the middle group, pushing them to the next level and helping them achieve results they never thought possible!

Our Staff

Tim Langridge

Renato Liete

Emma Neighal

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