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Burn 1000 bootcamp is the Ultimate Fat Burning Challenge. While other fitness classes let you slack off, work at your own pace and have immeasurable results, this is an all-out assault on your body until you’ve reached your target of 1000 calories. Using state of the art equipment, Burn 1000 bootcamp allows you to challenge yourself, your friends and co-workers, like never before. Burn 1000 is fun, competitive and innovative. But most of all, it is bloody hard work!

Our workouts focus on large muscle groups; performing squats, lunges, deadlifts, throws, pushes, pulls and carries.  You will use every muscle in your body.  You will use muscles you didn’t even know you had!

Most bootcamps will ask you to perform endless bodyweight exercises until the time is up.  Very repetitive and boring.  We bring a huge variety of equipment to the class including weights, deadballs, kettlebells and more.  You’ll never do the same workout twice!

We also have dedicated boxing and HIIT classes, which not only give your muscles a rest from the Spartan sessions described above, but you burn just as many if not MORE calories in these classes. We focus on proper boxing technique to avoid injury, and our HIIT classes will not only teach you how to run faster, but you’ll burn the most calories of any class on the schedule

We currently have 3 locations: Bootcamp North Sydney, Bootcamp Observatory Hill and Bootcamp Milsons Point

Finally,  we go beyond the physical bootcamp sessions and help you with the nutrition side of things, helping you plan your macros and hit your nutrition goals.

The only thing stopping you from achieving your goals is you waiting to join

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