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Burn 1000 bootcamp is the Ultimate Fat Burning Challenge. While other fitness classes let you slack off, work at your own pace and have immeasurable results, this is an all-out assault on your body until you’ve reached your target of 1000 calories. Using state of the art equipment, Burn 1000 bootcamp allows you to challenge yourself, your friends and co-workers, like never before. Burn 1000 is fun, competitive and innovative. But most of all, it is bloody hard work! Burn 1000 currently has 3 locations: Bootcamp North Sydney, Bootcamp Observatory Hill and Bootcamp Milsons Point

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Burn 1000 is a revolutionary style of bootcamp where each participant has his or her calories burned and (most importantly) their effort measured during every session.

Burn 1000 bootcamp is an all out assault on your fitness, ensuring that you can be confident of your progress because you’re always working to your potential. Not only will your strength and fitness be improved, you’ll lose body fat quickly and feel better about yourself!

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During each session, all members are provided with a heart rate (HR) monitor that syncs with an on-site computer in real time. This lets us see how hard you’re working, your average heart rate and how many calories you have burned. We can even compare your results to previous workouts to track your progress.

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We use a level of fitness equipment not seen before in outdoor fitness programs such as barbells and weights, dead balls and sandbags, kettle bells, torsonators and TRX suspension trainers.

Every class you do will be different, you’ll always stay motivated and you’ll constantly target new muscles and try new training methods.

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By having your efforts tracked in real-time, our members push each other to new levels in a friendly yet competitive environment. We all get along well and everyone is there to achieve the same goal. You’re working out with like-minded people who don’t have time for excuses – they just want results.

Why Join Burn 1000 Bootcamp?

Have you been sitting inside over-indulging over the festive season while your weight loss and fitness goals take a back seat?

Do you want to improve your health and fitness while working out with a great group of people?

Are you starting to realise that NOW is the time to make a change in your body, and start feeling better about how you look and feel?

By joining Burn 1000 Bootcamp, not only will you feel better, you’ll have more energy, grow stronger, tone up and feel more confident than ever before.

Every session we do is a fat burning assault on your body, you’ll visibly see how many calories you’re burning and you’ll know that you’re on the right track to achieve your health and fitness goals.

In addition to your training, we also run nutrition seminars, hormone help and other a la carte seminars designed to give you the most out of your training.  These services these are included in your membership.

Seen enough already and you know you want in?  Click below and we can get you started on your training immediately!



Burn 1000 Bootcamp is a very strenuous exercise program. While the program delivers great results through high heart rate, lungs working to capacity and downright hard work, this means that you need to have a decent level of fitness before starting a Burn 1000 program. It is advised that before beginning any exercise program you consult with a doctor or physician. Upon beginning your first Burn 1000 session, you will be asked to complete a Pre-Exercise Questionnaire, which outlines any relevant medical history, exercise history, and outlines your rights and responsibilities before taking part in a session.  Calorie expectations given on Workouts page are a rough estimate based on individuals who have already completed these programs.  Individual results may vary